Tonight I had a salad for dinner.  It was lettuce, avocado, mozzarella, sauteed chicken and Lighthouse Blue Cheese dressing. It was filling and absolutely delicious. It's one of my favorite dishes.

Now if you had told me when I was 10 that I would enjoy a salad for dinner, I would have said something like, "What did I get in an accident and become brain damaged?"  When I was a kid, dinner involved meat, potato, vegetable, and milk.  I really don't remember any meal not being that combination until I was in high school.  It was what middle class families ate.

Tomorrow for late breakfast/lunch, I have sauteed chicken, broccoli with some shredded cheese on top. It was my choice too.  Later for a snack, I will have sliced Fuji apples and a banana and for dinner some sort of salad.  I can hear the ten year old Kevin now, "Noooo, what happened to you."  Maybe I am a little brain damaged.

Kevin Mee