Checkout this old cell phone and more about Joe EEEEE......:)Well, this HUGE phone was the standard, remember Fresh Price, Will Smith used to use one to be all cool!!! These phones were around $900, yes, and all it did was, ummmmm, make calls.. I used to work for Cellular One, another through back name, we used to seel them and the big bag phones. Did you used to have one?? What kind??   When you dial 611 on many cell phones even to this day you end up in a call center in Seattle that a team of us built.. Cell phones back then had to have the big antenna's because there were alot less cell sites so you needed that extra signal..

The phones today we had no idea that they would become something that most people can not do without, they would not be able to find address's, get email, text, or even get calls since a good portion of America no longer has a landline home phone..

How fast it all changed... Joe EE

Taken with Joe E Kings crappy camera.. :)