Briana, Kristen, Tammy and Michelle all downloaded the LITE-FM mobile app and becuase of that, they could be millionaires tomorrow!

After our "Feel Good Friday" Office Pool failed to win any cash in the weekend's lotto drawings, we formed a new pool of listeners to play for the largest lottery jackpot in American history! That would be tonight's Mega Millions $1.6 billion drawing! The cash payout on that prize is $913 million.  Split between the five of us, that would mean that we'd each go home with $182.6 million a piece before taxes.  I'm sure the other folks have better plans with their lotto winnings, but I still have my heart set on building a backyard roller coaster if we hit it big!

After the I went to the luckiest lottery retailer in the entire country, Jacksons #10 on Orchard and bought five Mega Millions tickets.  I picked up 5 Powerball tickets as well, because why not take a crack at $620 million jackpot tomorrow night, too? These are our numbers!

Wish us luck!

Mega Millions

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media


Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media