The 13 Gifts of Christmas is back! 107.9 Lite FM and the Boise Christmas Show want to give you a  chance to win amazing gifts and admission into the show December 5th-7th!

The Boise Christmas Show offers thousands of unique, one-of-a-kind gifts making it the very best place for your holiday shopping. From Monday, December 1st until the show, 107.9 LITE FM wants to give you a chance to win amazing gifts with The 13 Gifts of Christmas contest! Here's how it works:

  • Listen to 107.9 LITE FM the week of December 1st-5th for the cue to call. Be caller #7 at 383-1079, and you instantly win a gift or gifts from the Boise Christmas Show vendors and a pair of admissions to the Boise Christmas Show (you will be put on a guest list).
  • Winner #1 will receive gift 1; winner #2 will receive gifts 1 and 2, winner #3 will receive gifts 1, 2, 3, and so on. Lucky winner #13 will win ALL thirteen gifts!

Check out all the gifts below and good luck!





  • 1

    Steampunk Ring from 13 Gears

    13 Gears steampunk rings are made with real vintage watch gears, watch faces, typewriter keys, buttons and more. These rings are completely adjustable, so they will fit anyone perfectly. 13 Gears is a local jeweler that specializes in one-of-a-kind pieces. You can visit the website at

    Value: $10.00

    Look for their booth in aisle L.

  • 2

    Earrings from Debby Sandborgh

    Debby Sandborgh specializes in handmade natural stone and gem stone earrings. There are many unique designs to choose from.

    Value: $10

    Look for Debby's booth in aisle I.

  • 3

    Boot Boss

    The Boot Boss is are movable stirrups made with exclusive "non-roll" elastic to keep your pant legs down in your fashion boots, winter boots and even fishing or hunting waders. The Boot Boss is comfortable to wear and is a one-size-fits-all. A full

    DIY video is available at

    Value: $10.00

    Look for the Boot Boss booth in aisle E.

  • 4

    3D Steel Model Kits from Soap Opera Jewelry

    3D steel model kits start out as a four inch sheet of steel and finish as amazing 3D models. Choose from many different patterns. You can visit their website at

    Value: $11.00

    Look for Soap Opera Jewelry's booth in aisle D.

  • 5

    Earrings from Nancy Sathre-Vogel

    These one-of-a-kind earrings are wearable art. These are handcrafted from copper and are meticulously cut out, textured, patina-ed, and assembled with love. All ear wires are sterling silver.

    Value: $20

    Look for Nancy Sathre-Vogel jewelry in aisle Q.

  • 6

    Dog Treats from K-9 Delights

    Scrumptious handmade treats for the most spoiled family member: your dog! These festivally wrapped gift baskets are filled with specialty treats for your


    Value: $20.00

    Look for the K-9 Delights booth in aisle O.

  • 7

    Mrs. Fields Cookies

    Cookies are Mrs. Fields specialty! Each gift basket will contain 6 Holiday themed cookies (3 chocolate chip, 1 Pumpkin Harvest, 1 Cranberry White Chocolate, and 1 Peppermint Chocolate chip) in a Holiday Ribbon

    box, an apron and a cookie cutter set.

    Value: $30.00

    Look for the Mrs. Field's booth in aisle B.

  • 8

    Christmas Ornaments from Georgia Machado

    These are well treasured, polymer clay Christmas Ornaments handcrafted by Clay Creations. Options will include the traditional bride and groom, a pink

    flamingo and one of our favorites, the snowman family. The winners' gift pack will include three ornaments.

    Value: $35.00

    Look for Georgia Machado's booth in aisle P.

  • 9

    Soaps from Debbie Brown

    Debbie’s “Gutsy Girls” soaps are all natural, plant based colors infused with organic & essential oils. You will have your choice of 4 soaps already gift boxed

    in festive red and white boxes ready for gift

    giving. See Gutsy Girls full selection of products


    Value: $40.00

    Look for Gutsy Girls soaps at their booth in aisle P.

  • 10

    Necklace from Star Diamonds

    Winners will have their choice of a pair of sterling silver earrings or a necklace with a unique Eternal Zoe design pendant. Ameri-Star Diamonds and Custom Jewelry Design care about providing you with the most beautiful and unique jewelry at affordable prices. Visit their website at

    Value: $40

    Look for their booth in aisle D.

  • 11

    Bag from In a Pickle

    The "in a pikle" bag is camouflaged to look like a designer wallet. Small enough to fit in your

    purse, glove box or diaper bag. It organizes all the

    essentials for life's little emergencies. You'll never

    be without the things you need! HOTTEST NEW

    ACCESSORY FOR BUSY WOMEN ON THE GO! You can visit the website at

    Value: $45

    Look for the In a Pickle booth in aisle B.

  • 12

    Flag Wall Art from Mike Kozlowski

    Winners will receive handmade, authentic barn wood flag wall art. It features original blue and red paint! The frame is also made from authentic barn wood. Size is approximately 18”x16”.

    Value: $50.00

    Look for his booth in aisle M.

  • 13

    Vintage Hand Painted Wooden Window from Kate Hynes

    This is a vintage wooden window with hand painted floral design. This gift piece measures 24" wide by 30" long. Kate uses only permanent enamel paint for long lasting, one of a kind works of art. See more by local artist Kate Hynes: Kate Hynes

    Originals on Facebook.

    Value: $200.00

    Look for her booth in aisle R.