Would you give up your sick days for a co-worker?

This sixth grade teacher had run out of sick days and was put in a tough position: Continue with cancer treatment but lose benefits or continue to work and not have treatment. This is when her co-workers stepped in to make the decision a little bit easier. 


Carol Clark was diagnosed with breast cancer over a year ago. She has been teaching for 17 years so receiving treatment would only mean that she would use her sick days. Unfortunately, treatment required far more time off than Mrs. Clark had. This left the teacher with a lose/lose decision to make. Mrs. Clark would need to continue to show up for work in order to receive benefits but opt out of treatment due to not having any sick days OR she could choose to forego her health  benefits in order to receive treatment.


Neither decision was a good decision.


This is when her co-workers stepped in. If you work for a school district, you are able to give sick days to someone else. Thanks to Carol Clark's husband (also a teacher), the secret simple question of "Would you be willing to give 20 sick days to Carol" spread like wildfire.


Carol received 154 sick days seemingly out of nowhere. Awwww...her husband loves her so much! So do her co-workers.