Turkey Day Zumba Party!

Zumba Party At Inner Diva to Benefit "Christmas Wish"
Co-ed event ages 12+
Check in begins at 8:30 am
9 am - 10 am  Thanksgiving Morning - Zumba Party!
Tickets $10.00 and please bring one food item for the Meridian Food Bank
Inner Diva is near the southeast corner of Locust Grove and Fairview i…
Live Long and Zumba!
WTH?   I can explain.   Last Saturday night at Inner Diva we had a co-ed "Dance of the Decades" party.  Since I had to have a date that meant I had to bait the hook.  So, I told Kevin that if he would go and participate I would wear the Star Trek costu…
Find What You Love and Then DO IT!
I figured out a while ago that if I don't like something I won't do it and magnify that by 10 when it comes to exercising!  Find what challenges you, makes you sweat and is something you look forward to doing 5 to 6 times a week.