Six Treasure Valley Activities for April
If your brood is anything like mine, the first thing the kids do when they walk in the door after school is grab the iPad or the Kindle. Spring is here, kids!  The Treasure Valley has plenty of things to do outside, and we're leavin' the house.  Here are just a few ideas.
Boise Is Doing Something Different For Groundhog Day
Each year on February 2nd we have to sit around and wait on Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania to know whether we're going to have more winter, or if spring will come early. Idaho has apparently had enough of that nonsense, plus winter has made us stir crazy.  So we're doing …
What’s Your Sign?
This tiny thing blooming in my flower bed was my sign that snow, slop, ice and endless fuzzy grey inversion days are officially behind us.  Today will be record setting for me in two ways:
How Long Will This Crud Last?
The weather authorities with all their fancy gizmos and computers and stuff are predicting an early spring with above normal temperatures Feb-April for our region.
Happy Earth Day! Is this a waste of water?
Happy Earth Day!  It was nice to feel the rain on my face this morning.  I love a good spring rain as it brings such a sweet, wonderful smell to the air.
So this morning I'm looking out the studio window and I see some gentlemen washing our van...