See What’s New at the Idaho Potato Drop
The first ever GlowTato will be featured at this weekend's Idaho Potato Drop.
Events start Saturday afternoon and lead up to midnight when that giant, high-tech, internally lit, fake glowing spud will descend. And there's a new heated tent too.
Two years ago, Ethan Couch, was given probation for killing 4 people in an auto crash. He not only caused the crash, but was drunk and only 16. He got probation by his lawyer using the defense of "Aaffluenza."  Aaffluenza happens in someone who is brought up in an affluent family and is sp…
Out Bachelor Parties, In Bachelor Funerals
There are two things I hate getting invites to...weddings and funerals (OK, baby showers, kids' birthday parties, any party involving home/cleaning/tupperware and women's items parties). My reasoning is that usually there's a good man going down.
With that in mind, I may have come up with a great bus…