Idaho Insects Are Smarter Than Our Repellents
Soon the weather will warm up and we'll move this party outside, and we'll be camping and fishing and playing golf.  With the bugs.
Mosquitoes aren't a huge problem in Idaho, but if you run across them there are many repellents that won't work.  Here's the heads up …
Bug Proofing Your World
AH, summer bugs in the Treasure Valley.  How do I get rid of these pests without toxic chemicals spread all over my home and yard?
Mee – vs – Bloodsuckers
The war is on against mosquitoes at our place.  Just in the past couple of weeks they've gotten really bad.   I had Ada County Mosquito Abatement come out and fog the place and called our Vet to make sure our horses were up to date on all their vaccinations...