Missing Summer, Watch This
Our grandson Emery is a breath of fresh air.  Whenever I'm feeling like a grouch, he can take that feeling away in nano-seconds.  If you are missing summer, here is a video from a couple of years ago.  Emery, or M as I call him, got to hold the water hose for the first time and i…
I’m So Missing Summer
If you're missing summer, then book passage on the "Mee at Sea" cruise.  While the rest of the Treasure Valley will be facing what should be really wet, cool days, those of us on the cruise will be facing 85 degrees, slight breezes, sunshine, and a whole hoop of fun...
Have you seen Jennifer?
Have you seen this missing wife & mother?  Keep your eyes open for a dark green 1999 Lexus SUV with Oregon License plate:  WXH 011  Click here for more details.