Win Your Tears For Fears Tickets
After having to reschedule their tour due to a medical situation, LITE-FM is proud to welcome Tears for Fears back to the Treasure Valley Thursday.  Want to go free?
Free Fishing Day in Idaho is a Chance to Try Something New
There's a day coming up this month that gives us all the chance to fish without worrying about pay the license fee.  Even if we don't catch anything, it's still a great opportunity to relax by the water, have a picnic with the family, and work on our tans, right?
Score Free Donuts in Boise on Friday
Some obscure little holidays can be overlooked, but not this one.  We wouldn't dare.
Friday is National Donut Day (it's always the first Friday in June), and some Boise donut shops will be passing out freebies.
Admission is Free This Week at National Parks
This would be a great week for a trip to Yellowstone National Park, because admission is free for another six days.  How often does that happen?!  Actually, it happens on nine different days this year.
There are some great parks around Idaho, that will be letting you in free this week …
It’s Time to END LAZY
I've noticed the U.S. for some reason lately is really getting lazy. People just don't want to work for things anymore, they want everything free and if they don't get it they pitch a fit. In order to get it For something to be free someone had to work for it...

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