Admission is Free This Week at National Parks
This would be a great week for a trip to Yellowstone National Park, because admission is free for another six days.  How often does that happen?!  Actually, it happens on nine different days this year.
There are some great parks around Idaho, that will be letting you in free this week …
It’s Time to END LAZY
I've noticed the U.S. for some reason lately is really getting lazy. People just don't want to work for things anymore, they want everything free and if they don't get it they pitch a fit. In order to get it For something to be free someone had to work for it...
Pirates get FREE Doughnuts!

Arrg You Ready For The Talk Like A Pirate Day Giveaway at Krispy Kreme?
Get a FREE Doughnut For Talking Like a Pirate, or Dress Like a Pirate for a Free Dozen TODAY only at Krispy Kreme at Franklin and Eagle Roads.
Q & A = Rick Springfield Concert Tix!
If you have a question for Rick Springfield leave it in the comment section below and if we use it and your name when we interview him YOU will win a FREE pair of tickets for his concert July 28th at the Revolution Concert House and Events Center...