Sad Christmas Is Over
I realized today as I took down my tree and decorations and put my living room back to normal...I'm sad Christmas and New Year's is over.
A Look Inside Christmas Wish
Thank you for being so generous with your gifts to LITE-FM's Christmas Wish this year.  Here's a look at some of what happened during our Miracle Marathon.
32nd Annual Christmas Run Presented by Saint Alphonsus
107.9 LITE FM was out at the 32nd Annual Christmas Run presented by Saint Alphonsus on Saturday, December 19th at 10am.  Santa made an appearance at the LITE tent and was handing out candy canes to those who participated in the run.  Runners had the option of running either a 1 mile run, a…
LITE Shares A Coke with Santa!
Everyone knows that LITE FM's favorite time of year is the holidays! What a better way to spend the holidays than with the one and only Santa Clause? That's right, St. Nick himself teamed with Coca-Cola as part of the 'Share A Coke Caravan' and stopped at Walmart off of Overland …
Fake Trees are Most Popular, But What Color?
If you have an artificial Christmas tree you're in the norm.  Two-thirds of us have the fake trees, and less than 1 in 5 go to the work of hauling a real one home on the roof of the car.
The most popular artificial tree color in Idaho is surprising!
LITE FM for the Idaho Lottery Holiday Raffle!
Tonight, 107.9 LITE FM's Kevin Mee was at the Stinker station on the corner of Eagle rd. and McMillan! The Idaho Lottery hosted a holiday raffle for anyone who is considered legally eligible. With every lottery ticket sold, participants were given extra bonus scratch cards, and even in-store pr…
Stores Do These Things To Make Us Spend More
Did you know our favorite store might be putting the higher priced items at eye level so we'll lock a gaze with it and buy it?  The cheaper stuff is usually a step or two above or below. What else do stores do to get us to buy, that we might not notice?
LITE FM Ties Blankets for the WCA!
Today, 107.9 LITE FM's Brenda Mee was at Kendall Ford in Meridian for part of '12 Days of Caring'. Many listeners stopped by to help Brenda reach the goal of 100 tie blakets! Every blanket that was made was promptly donated to the Women's and Children's Alliance in Boise...

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