Time to Boycott Apple
Apple CEO Tim Cook has been ordered by a court to open the I-phone of the murdering, terrorist couple in the San Bernardino attack, but is refusing to do so.
For the whole story click here, From the Daily Mail UK
I for one am mad, here is a chance for us to get information that more than likely would …
Pre-Bent iPhone 6 Case
Yep, the iPhone 6 Plus bends. You can't put it in your pocket like other phones. Apple calls it a feature instead of a manufacturing defect. Instead of getting upset about it, why not buy a pre-bent case? Problem solved! This is ridiculous, is it not?!
Whoops! First iPhone 6 Owner Drops It On The Ground
There he is! The very first person to walk out of the Apple store with the new iPhone 6! The news reporter walks up to him for a quick interview and to see the phone. The poor guy is so nervous (and probably excited) that he flings the phone right out of the box! Watch here: