Friday night after finishing chores, I decided to just sit on the front porch.  The weather was perfect, about 75 degrees, no wind, for that matter no bugs (thanks to Ada County Mosquito Abatement and the swallows that eat thousands of bugs).

As I sat enjoying the evening, I set up my phone on my guitar stand and started taking video of the evening.  Every once in a while you could hear a bird and there was the sound of kids playing outside, rather than being on a computer or watching TV.  Even my dogs were laid back enjoying the peacefulness.

I wanted to share the evening with my dad, so I sent him a text of the video and titled it "out house tonight."  A few minutes later he sent me back a text telling me nothing was happening, it must have been a mistake.  I had to laugh and call him.  Dad thought there would be a dog, horse, deer, something running in the background.  I told him no, it was a video of the sun going down.

He now has it on his computer as a background, knowing it's nothing more than the perfect evening.