It sounds like a spoof on Saturday Night Live but it's real. A mom was sick of being ignored by her son when she called or texted. The app: Ignore No More. Yep, it's real and it's awesome!

While it's not awesome for teens who rely on the ignore option when mom is trying to get a  hold of them at a time when they'd rather not talk, it's great for parents who want to connect with their kids.

A simple text or phone call is now a way of saying "dinner's ready" or "did you switch the laundry?" or even, "I'm waiting outside ready to pick you up."

But what if there's no answer? Mom starts looking like a nagging girlfriend who has to know the status of your whereabouts at every moment.

Now mom is in control.

The "Ignore No More" app (for Android phones and Google Play - for now) will lock the screen and stop all interaction until the phone user (aka: child) calls his/her parent and that parent enters an unlock code.

Boom! The power has shifted back in the right direction.

Read the details of the app HERE.

Watch out, kids, your worlds have been changed.