Growing up in the 80's, fitness was defined by Jane Fonda, Olivia Newton John (remember her song "Physical") and Jamie Lee Curtis (when she starred in the movie "Perfect' with John Travolta).  And I'm apologizing in advance for the fact that you now have the song "Physical" planted in your head.

But these women were all thin, had very little muscle and always looked perfect -- even when working out.  You rarely saw them sweat.

Unfortunately, that's not me at all.  I'm muscular, I sweat buckets when I exercise and I'm not particularly thin.  But -- I like me.  I like how I look and I'm looking better each week.

I think it's really important to define what "being fit" means to you and then make sure you're not comparing your fitness level to others.  What is your "fit?"  What is your "healthy?" Be the best You that you can be -- because as your mother told you 100 times -- you can't be anyone else.  And really...who wants to go back to those 80's hairstyles?