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Taco Bell Arena - Nearby Restaurants for March Madness
The concession areas at Taco Bell Arena have lots of loaded nachos and hot dogs to keep you going through all of the NCAA tournament games starting today, and there are several great restaurants nearby. Here's a handy guide.
‘Sweeney Todd’ Comes to Boise State
If you missed it last weekend, there are four performances of Sweeney Todd left at Boise State this Thursday through Sunday. After this, you'll know why he's the "demon barber Fleet Street."
Red Cross Needs Help Installing Smoke Alarms in West Boise
We've heard it too often in cases of a fatal fire. "There was no working smoke detector at the home." So how about we save some lives? The Red Cross is teaming up with firefighters to install smoke detectors in hundreds of Boise homes, and they need volunteers.
Sun Valley Film Festival Adds More Free Sessions
If you're going to the Sun Valley Film Festival next week, there's a good chance you'll see some celebrities along with the buzz-worthy movies. Several new sessions have been added and most of them are free.
Why We Should Dine Out on 'Pack Your Lunch Day'
I'm all for packing a lunch to save time and money at work, but on the upcoming holiday that encourages all of us to brown bag it, there is one huge reason why we should totally rebel.
5 Reasons Why Little League is Great for Kids
Spring baseball and softball practices are underway and the games will start soon for kids across the Treasure Valley. For many parents like me that means lots of equipment shopping, meals on the go because practices always seem to be at dinner time, and usually a really bad case of bleacher butt. …
Celebrate Oreo Day March 6th With This Tasty Treat
Some of those national and world holidays get a little weird, but this one we can totally get behind.

Today (March 6th) is National Oreo Day, and that's a great excuse to eat Oreos with milk, in ice cream, and in little candy ball form. I'm celebrating with an Oreo Ball recipe that'…
Craftsman Style Homes Are In High Demand in Boise
When you're house shopping, do you pick a favorite based on the way the house looks from the outside, or is it all about the kitchen and living areas inside? It turns out that curb appeal is pulling people in right now, and front porches are top draws.
'Thoughts and Prayers' are better with action
In the wake of any tragic event, it seems pretty instinctive for people to say they're sending "thoughts and prayers" to victims. But as some of the survivors of the recent Florida school shooting eluded to, that's not cuttin' it anymore. It's time to do more.
These Life Tweaks Made My Migraines Vanish
If you're plagued by that awful, excruciating, debilitating throb behind the eyes known as the migraine, you want a solutions. Finding the right medication helps, but what if you could cure migraines for good? I'll tell you what worked for me.
5 Reasons Why the Library is Awesome
If you're not using the Boise Public Library or any of the local libraries around the Treasure Valley on a regular basis you're totally missing out.

These are great resources that are free! Check out these 5 reasons why the library is awesome.
Vote for the Best Fast Food Restaurant in the Treasure Valley
One fast food taco restaurant is quickly rising through the ranks, and we want to know if it's one of your go-to spots when you get a fast food craving. Vote now from our list, or feel free to write in your own favorite fast food joint.
Boise State Changes Graduation Plan Over Ticket Outrage
Students and parents were not happy about Boise State's plan to limit graduates to five tickets to watch the ceremony May 5th, and the school heard that loud and clear. They've changed the plan, and instead of one ceremony with the 5-ticket limit, the university will hold two ceremonies t…
Valentine for AIDS Auction Beats Last Year's Total
The charity art auction at Flying M Coffeehouse that we mentioned last week ended up bringing in big bucks for charity. Over 250 local artists donated pieces, and if you bought one, show us the pic!
How to Get Free Pancakes on National Pancake Day
IHOP is doing it again. Free pancakes! They'll give us a free buttermilk short stack on National Pancake Day, which is coming up next week. And they just ask that we do one thing in return.
Still Time to Bid on Art at Flying M Coffeehouse
If you head to Flying M Coffeehouse this weekend, you'll have the chance to bid on some great pieces by local artists and help charity at the same time. There are just a few days left to pick out what you want stake a claim.