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Owning a Pet Makes You Happier, Earn More Money
Pet ownership has all sorts of benefits, besides just the warm fuzzy feelings we get when we're snuggled up on the couch with our sweet loyal friends. Pet owners tend to be happier, exercise more, and earn more money. Wanna adopt right now?
With Babies R Us Closed, Another Store Picks Up the Slack
The closure of Babies R Us stores left a huge void in the world of baby products, and other retailers are realizing they've got a big opportunity now to fill that need. A big retailer just announced they'll start selling more cribs and playsets in stores on August 30th, and other retailer…
Not Out of the Woods Yet With Idaho's 100 Deadliest Days
The days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the deadliest days of the year on the roads, and there was proof of that last weekend with another traffic fatality in Ada County. Just why is the summer so deadly? Turns out there are several reasons.
Dream Job Alert -- Get Paid To Eat Barbecue
The only job better than eating Nutella straight out of the jar with a spoon might be this one --- getting paid $10,000 to travel around and eat barbecue. Wanna do it?
Be Glad the Hot Springs in Idaho Aren't THIS Hot
Any guess exactly how hot this "hot spring" is?

We have some great hot springs in Idaho that have become swimming holes, but you wouldn't even want to dip a toe into this one. Do you know where it is?
Help Us Find The Most Clever Boat Name in Idaho
Thinking of names for kids and pets seems kinda boring compared to the fun people have naming boats. Boat owners can come up with some doozies, and it makes us curious about the best ones you've seen around the Treasure Valley. Send 'em in!
Idaho Schools Have Among the Lowest SAT Scores in the Nation
School is getting ready to start up again, and students are getting excited about new friends, new teachers, new backpacks, and a brand new start. And there's this not-so-happy news that Idaho ranks among the lowest in the US for SAT scores, so we gotta buckle down. There is one bright spot t…
Car Coma Helps Solve the Chicken-or-the-Egg Mystery
Long road trips give ya plenty of time to think, and if you're ten years old, road trips make you blurt out solutions to seemingly impossible questions. My daughter may have been lulled into a car coma by road noise and cloudy skies, but during the sixth hour of the road trip, she had a great …
Don't Let a Boise Veteran's Grave Go Undecorated
The graves of Treasure Valley veterans will be decorated with wreaths again this December, and now is the time to do the planning to make sure no graves get skipped. Boise alone has 4800 graves to honor.
Why We'll Miss Southwest Airlines' Peanuts
When they pass out those peanuts mid-flight it feels like we've hit the lotto. We might never eat nuts on the ground, but in the air, they taste SO good! As of August 1st on Southwest Airlines the peanuts are gone, and we've got one big reason why they'll be missed.
Rent in Idaho is Lower Than Most of the US
Could you imagine spending $3500 per month on rent? That's the average in one U.S. city, and thankfully it's not in Idaho. We're getting off cheap here in comparison.
Crazy Things are Floating in Boise Pools
Rafts and floaties have come a long way. Instead of thin-ribbed rafts and plain ole tubes, we've got flamingos, swans, avocados floating with us in the pools. And bulls!