What's going on?

Idaho Kick Butts Day Coming
Kids across the Gem State will join with those across the nation to unite against tobacco use on Wednesday March 21. It's appropriately called Kick Butts Day.
Ford Announces Fusion Recall
Idaho Ford Fusion or Lincoln MKZ owners, you need to be aware of a recall that was launched today. It is possible that your steering wheel could fall off while driving.
Toys R Us To Close Stores
For most of us, an iconic part of our childhood has announced they are shutting down stores across the country, and that includes Toys R Us here in the Treasure Valley.
Porn = Public Health Risk
Last week, a group of Idaho lawmakers made moves to have our state be the latest to declare pornography a risk to public health. The motion has moved to the House floor.
Should All Of Idaho Be Mountain Time?
There are definite differences between North and Southern Idaho, one that North in Pacific Time, Southern in Mountain Time. That could soon be changing.
Is the New Meridian Winco a No-Go?
Remember about a year ago when local grocer WinCo was moving on plans to build two new locations in Meridian? Today, one is stalled and the other seems to be off the table.
Boise = Fastest-Growing US City
It's really no surprise (we get used to seeing our beloved home town on the top of these lists), but Boise has been named America's Fastest-Growing City by Forbes Magazine.
Businesses Can Now Buy Compost
Over the last year, there has been a lot of attention paid to the City of Boise's curbside compost program. Residents were able to pick it up, and now, businesses can too.
CBD Oil Could Be Legal In Idaho
Mention legalization of CBD oil and some will draw a immediate tie to marijuana legalization. There are some major differences, and Idaho is moving forward on CBD legalization.
Could Idaho Be Known For Grapes?
It happens almost every time you talk to someone about where we live - especially if they've never been here - but could Idaho grapes be as ubiquitous as Idaho potatoes?
Idaho a Least Sinful State
It's time to pat ourselves on the back (although that might change the rankings), as Idaho has been declared one of "the least sinful states" in WalletHub's look across the country.
New Boise Library Desinger Named
Boise is about to get a new main library, and it was announced this week that it will be designed by the same person who designed the Salt Lake City Library, Moshe Safdie.
Another Sign of Meridian Growth
We've heard how much Meridian has been growing, but another sign of that growth has been released, as the Ada County Highway District impact fees have grown in Meridian.
Barnes & Noble Boise Cuts Staff
Over the last few months, we've heard how libraries are more popular than ever (especially in Idaho). Evidently, that trend might not be extending to book stores.
Final Christmas Wish Completed
LITE-FM Christmas Wish 2017 had ONE more job that was started and is now completed, and we just want to say thanks to Advanced Heating & Cooling for helping Gwen out big time.
Idaho's Top Last Names
No doubt, you've heard about ancestry.com and the many services they offer to research your family background and history. Now, they've compiled the top surnames across the country.
Someone Borrowed My Identity
It's happened for the third time. I get a Facebook message from someone I don't recognize. I accept it to find out that "I" have been hitting on them. My identity has been borrowed.