By John Loo (Flickr: Chocolate) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons[/caption] 

Yep, chocolate is one of the magic foods the oldest woman on earth eats. Leandra Becerra Lumbreras was born in 1887 but her actual birth date can't be confirmed because her 127-year-old birth certificate has since been destroyed. Without it, no official title can be given. So, what's the secret?

Surviving two world wars, and the Mexican Revolution (in which she fought), Leandra is still "entirely lucid," says her 43-year-old granddaughter, and has the stories to prove it.


Leandra is the mother of five children, with 20 grandchildren, 73 great grandchildren and 55 great-great grandchildren. Her oldest passed away last year - SHE WAS 90!


What keeps Leandra alive and kickin'? She enjoys chocolate, beans, tortillas and sleeping for three days at a time. That's pretty much it.


Can you imagine checking on her during her 3-day sleeps? I'd freak out thinking that each time was "that time".