When someone tells you something in confidence, is it assumed you'll tell your significant other? Do you? A friend of mine assumed that's what I did in my relationship. So, when I was shocked to hear their "secret", the friend got mad at me thinking I was acting because I should have already known. What?! Help!

My husband and I have a mutual friend. That friend confided in my husband who respected the fact that this information was told in confidence and didn't share it with me. The information wasn't harmful so my husband figured it wasn't necessary to share.

Fast forward about a week later and this friend confides in me. I was surprised to hear what they had to say. When I reacted, my friend seemed irritated.

Once we made it through the confusion of what the heck was happening at that moment, I finally got it out of my friend that it was assumed my husband and I shared what other people tell us - even in confidence. We don't.

I'm not completely sure my friend believes either one of us so I thought I'd ask you: Do you share everything with your significant other - even if it's not your secret to share?