We kicked off our Saturday with a bike ride and a stroll through the Capitol City Public Market in downtown Boise. We wandered up and down 8th street and sampled everything from gluten free chocolate cookies to Himallayan meatballs and succulent beef brisket street tacos and local wines.  If you go make sure you take some extra time while you're strolling to check out the street performers.

I was smitten with "Epo" a soft tangerine colored cockatiel.   When Epo's handlers spritzed him with water he would fluff up his feathers and make strange little huffing sounds.  He seemed to enjoy the attention and made an even bigger fuss when he had several people watching him.  Turns out that Epo is the official spokesbird for "My Feathered Friends" hotel for birds.   So if you have a bird and you need to leave town for a few days just drop Epo's handlers a line and make a reservation michaharris55@ymail.com

The Capitol City Public Market is open every Saturday on 8th Street from Bannock to Main Street 9:30am-1:30pm.  Take some cash with you as not all the vendors are set up to accept debit or credit cards.   http://www.capitalcitypublicmarket.com/