Getting ready to be a parent (especially for the first time) is so exciting. You don't want to mess anything up. When you do (and it's bound to happen), know that you're in good company because we've ALL made mistakes - a LOT of them. The commercials make it look so easy.

When prepping for the role of being a parent, what do we do? We over-plan, over-shop and pretty much screw up everything! It's inevitable.

I know I made a LOT of these rookie parenting mistakes. Did you?

Here are some of the most common Rookie Mistakes Parents Make via Buzzfeed:

  1. Buying too many newborn diapers
  2. Putting diapers on your baby that were clearly too small (as in - the dam broke and there's leakage...a lot of it).
  3. Clipping the end of your baby's finger when trying to carefully clip their delicate fingernails.
  4. Letting your baby play with your phone - forgetting to restrict access. As in: Deleted apps, texts to people you don't want hearing from you.
  5. Letting your little one push a shopping cart (or, really, anything with wheels).
  6. Buying a nice (or even designer) diaper bag.
  7. Poking your baby to make sure they are breathing...then realizing it's actually what wakes them up, too.
  8. Laying your baby on the bed for "one quick second" then almost breaking your neck trying to catch them after their powerful roll toward the edge of the bed. Or worse, hearing the thud of your baby falling off the bed. Yeahhhh, I've been there.
  9. Bouncing your baby in the air shortly after a feeding.
  10. Leaving anything "spillable" within arms length of your baby's out-of-control reach.
  11. Staying up late (for no good reason) after your baby has gone to bed.
  12. Buying way too many baby clothes.
  13. Accidentally hitting your baby's head on the doorframe, door, wall - anything - while carrying them into their room.

The full list can be found by clicking BUZZFEED. We're talking photos and all.

Which mistake have you made?

Better yet, which one have you made that wasn't mentioned?

Comment at the bottom of this page. It's super easy and you can log in through facebook. Can't wait to have you join me in this "Parenting is a series of mistakes and fumbles" club.