Friday and Saturday were busy potato gleaning days to benefit our Christmas Wish fund...then Monday I got this Facebook message from Elizabeth Steinmetz:  "Did anyone by chance find a pair of purple plastic kids prescription glasses at the potato field and turn them in? My 5 yr old Peytyn lost them while we were there."

We had people gleaning potatoes and tromping all over 80 acres so imagine how slim the odds were that Peytyn's glasses were actually found in great condition and turned in to us Saturday.

When I contacted Mom to let her know that we did indeed have the glasses she informed us that they live in Notus and had no way to get in to Boise.   We went on the air asking if anyone headed that way would mind delivering the glasses to Peytyn.  Our phones lit UP! Joanna Dibben was the first person to volunteer and when she finishes her nursing shift at St. Alphonsus Hospital today she will be meeting up with Elizabeth to drop off Peytyn's peepers.

The Treasure Valley may be growing by leaps and bounds, but it's reassuring to know that at the very core of it all we are still retaining our small town values such as lending a hand and helping each other out.