I have to count every calorie and yet Kevin gets away with this!

Calories are evil sneaky little things that tempt and trick me and I'm convinced they crank up the temperature setting in the dryer and shrink my jeans.  I've even seen research that backs up my theory that I gain 5 pounds just by walking by and inhaling the cinnamon and frosting spiked aromas wafting out of a bakery.

God had a definite sense of humor when it came down to how men and women metabolize calories.

My hubby really doesn't have a clue about portion size and calorie count.   I have been somewhat successful in getting him to eat healthier...but as you can see he is far from virtuous and comes up with really unusual food combos.   Today, in just five minutes, I watched him eat more calories that I will consume in an entire day!   Again, I'm not judging...just jealous.

Kevin's 5 minute breakfast:

*leftover fettuccine alfredo topped with a couple of handfuls of Frito's

*maple bar

*chocolate caramel blended coffee with whipped cream

Calorie count:   approx 1700

I had black coffee and left over sauteed zucchinni and squash = 300 calories.

The kicker?   Tomorrow morning I will pray the scale hasn't gone up as I tip toe up to it and gently place each foot on the evil little contraption.  Meanwhile, Kevin will gallop up to the "platform of judgement" and after plunking both feet on it declare that he's lost 3 pounds!

Sometimes I feel like my life is an endless parade of "Biggest Loser" temptation challenges.   If you want some help in the old battle of the bulge check out Idaho Fat Loss  (I did the 40 day challenge - it works!) make sure you tell them I referred you so that you can get the body composition analysis and consultation for FREE.