This happened about two weeks ago...

I'm all about multi-tasking.   I rarely do just one thing at a time even when it comes to what's supposed to be "down time."

After I work out I like to unwind before bed in a bubble bath because it gives me a chance to gear down so I can get to sleep and then it just streamlines my whole "gettin' ready" in the morning routine.  However,  I'd started skipping my bubble baths and just grabbing a quick shower because I was scrambling each day to catch up on emails, facebook, texts etc in addition to getting in my time for exercising. I was getting frustrated and stressed out because it all came down to a time issue and I had to get my work done and I didn't want to start skipping my workouts....then I had an epiphany!   I didn't have to stay chained to my desk at home while I was doing all that extra work...I could just take my fancy new phone and hi tech wireless laptop with me to the bathtub!

The first time Kevin got a glimpse of me working/bubble bathing he warned me that I was setting my self up for a disaster.   I reassured him that my laptop was super safe on the little book shelf thingy that I've always used while reading in the tub and my phone would be just fine...

Fast forward a few weeks and the inevitable happened...while responding to a text my phone leaped out of my hand and nose dived into my batch of fluffy bubbles and steaming hot water.   It maybe only spent a millisecond in the h2O.  The screen went haywire and then totally black.   I wrapped my cell phone in a towel and left it to dry overnight.  I also said a little prayer of thanks that I hadn't freaked out and knocked my lap top in the water when I was grabbing my phone.

The next morning I cautiously plugged my phone in and was relieved I didn't get electrocuted.   My phone charged and was just fine at the end of the day except the touch screen wouldn't work.   Now I have to use my stylus for EVERYTHING.   It gets really annoying when I have to answer an incoming call and have to scramble to get the little skinny stick out and (not drop it) and drag it across the screen before the call goes to voice mail.

*Whew* -  Well there's my secret.  It's not earth shattering.  Just awkward and a little embarrassing.  My hubby can be a smug know-it-all and I can be stubborn and hate to admit when he's right.

But I'm to the point where I'm tired of dealing with the stylus and since my hubby picked up our phones and set up our coverage plan I think it's time I fess up and find out if my phone is covered under our plan/warranty or if maybe he can help me restore my phone's settings.  So, by revealing my secret and asking for help I have to admit he was right and hope he won't gloat too much.

Will I continue multi tasking while taking bubble baths?   Yes.   I will just be even more careful now.

Have you ever been so stubborn that you held onto a little "secret" just so the other person didn't the satisfaction of saying:  "I told you so!"