This is about my life with an incurable form of Cancer. I know I will never be cured, so I have to manage and deal with it. Kevin Mee

Well dang, it was official, I have Cancer and I'm pretty much a doctor's worst nightmare.  In order to tell the next part of this story we have to go back in time. 

In 1993, I was a physical nightmare, I was nearly 300lbs, had a cold that turned into an infection that almost killed me, and had my first ever surgery with a tumor being removed.

I really thought I was in shape until I was getting fitted for a tux.  I had this little Oriental lady doing the measurements, so she wrapped the tape measure around my waist and said (in a really thick accent), "oooohhh, you big boy you  got 40 waist."

I looked at her, sucked in my gut and said, "No way, I've never been bigger than a 34, measure again."

So she did and said, "You still big boy, you have 39 and a half inch waist."  That was my ah-ha moment.

I started working out, went to seminars on herbs, minerals, vitamins and what they did to the body.  I was like someone who had lived like hell and finds religion.  I started taking Co Enzyme Q10 along with vitamins.  I wasn't going to be fat and unhealthy anymore. I dropped over 50lbs just by working out and changing my diet in my first year.

Back to 2005,  I would say back to the future, but it's more like back to the past future. Armed with years of learning I was ready to face my Oncologist (fancy word for Cancer Doctor), and just what I thought, he suggests Chemo.

Now I used to be a pitcher and if I didn't like the call, I would shake off a pitch forever.  There was one game where the catcher wanted a curve ball and asked for it 11 times before I called him to the mound and told him the batter we were facing ate up curve balls.  Sure enough, my catcher walked back to the plate and asked for a curve ball, so I served one up that is still in flight.  I learned that day no matter what the catcher asks for, shake it off until you get what you want. So suddenly my Oncologist was a catcher and I was shaking off his pitch like mad.