This is about my life with an incurable form of Cancer. I know I will never be cured, so I have to manage and deal with it. Kevin Mee

When you're diagnosed with something like Cancer people talk to you differently. 

They tilt their head (kind of like a dog hearing a whistle), talk to you in hushed tones (like the Cancer librarian will suddenly appear and tell you to shut up), and they always ask "are you OK".  So depending on my mood my answer will involve either a sincere answer or "hey it could be anytime" followed by clutching my chest (when you have something like this, people don't know the difference between cancer and a heart attack).

But, and this is a great big twerkin' but, (OK not spelled the same), you will suddenly get tagged with the title of Cancer Victim.  Really, officer, it was late, I was in an alley that I knew better than to be in and Cancer came up behind me and mugged me.  Oh #&!! no, I ain't no victim.  I am a WARRIOR and cancer is my B!@T(#.

I really feel that if more people owned the "WARRIOR" and got rid of "victim" there would be more people who not only survive cancer, but conquer it.  Cancer is a battle, you don't go into battle expecting to survive, you go in expecting to conquer. So don't even call me a cancer victim, you can keep that thing away from me. Could you imagine William Wallace leading his troops into battle and telling them, "Men, we aren't going to battle to conquer, but to just survive and then be victims, that's why we wear kilts."

So don't talk to me in soft tones like I will run away, I won't.  Ask me anything about what I've gone or are going through. I'm doing well and will share anything I've learned. And don't tilt your head or do duckface in a selfie either. For that matter, don't do selfie's in a mirror, we tend to see way too much.

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