This is about my life with an incurable form of Cancer. I know I will never be cured, so I have to manage and deal with it. Kevin Mee

Me and my horse Doc, Brenda and Her horse Buddy. I'll let you figure out who is who.

It seemed like I was in that table/chair/hickey thing forever.  Everyone was asking "how are you doing".  I was fine, I just wanted to see what was going on and all I could see was scrubs and feet. I love learning, and what an experience to see myself having tumors removed, especially the one going into my spine.

I had a tumor removed from my shoulder in 1993. My best friend from grade school and junior high, Dr. Vincent (Skip) Ross did the surgery.  He asked if I wanted to see and I was all in.  He set up a mirror for me to see. I remember watching him start to cut with his scalpel and thinking "wait this isn't hurting, man is he cutting really deep, that thing is really gross, I'm bleeding all over",  it was really cool.

Now back to our story. When Dr. Burr got finished he was sweating like mad, he had gone through quite a bit, tumor surgery wasn't something normally on his plate.  He took off his gloves, looked at his nurse Janice and told her to get me patched up, then he left the room without saying anything else.

I looked at Janice, gulped and asked "is he OK? "

She said "I've never seen him do that before, I don't know."

I was worried that my pushiness had crossed some sort of line and made him mad. I wasn't trying to do that, I knew I was in better hands with him than anyone.  Well, that and the fact I wasn't in the mood to be in an ambulance, face down with the back of my neck open.

About 20 minutes later, Dr. Burr came busting in, he was still sweaty and I wasn't sure what to expect.  He came over to me, grabbed my hand and shook it, then told me "Thank You,  you made me feel more alive today than I've been in along time,  you reminded me why I made this my life."  He then looked at Janice and told her to only charge me for one procedure and make sure insurance covered it.  Now that's the kind of doctor you gotta love.

It was about eight that evening when Dr. Burr called the house checking up on me.  I was feeling all warm and fuzzy until he had me hand the phone over to Brenda.  She proceeded to run me through a series of facial exercises and report what happened.  It was then I found out about how close that tumor was to nerves, one wrong OOPS and everything my mom ever said about my face freezing in that position would have come true.

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