I was in Ryan's (Dr. Cole) office when we found out the results of the test from the Pentagon....Nope not it.  I was deflated.  I had 5 tumors and they weren't an infection. In the immortal words of Captain Jack Sparrow,  AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGG.  Funny, but I really don't remember him ever saying that phrase, gonna' have to research that one.

Back to our story.  I was using Ryan's door as a scratching post when he came up with an idea.  He asked if my spots itched, which they did like mad, so he ordered in a test.  He told me I could only know what it was if it came back positive.  GGGGRRRRR, (learned that one from my poodles.)

I waited about a month or so it seemed, but actually it was less than a week later that he called me into his office.  "I have it, come take a look and I'll explain it to you". Ryan loves doing that, if he could every patient would see what is happening to them.  Ryan had ordered in a test for Hodgkin's Lymphoma, he showed me how everything from my samples fit Hodgkin's and how they didn't, yet did fit B-Cell Lymphoma.

Now there were problems. First, my body wasn't treating Hodgkin's like 99% of the people who have it. The next thing was Hodgkin's is about 80% curable with chemo and I still wasn't going to do chemo.  I knew there was going to be a big fight now with the doctors.  Plus, was it really Hodgkin's or would it be something new? If it's Hodgkin's at least I can be cured.