I've flown in many different airplanes in my life, but I've never floated in a hot air balloon.  I love getting my feet off the ground.  At a young age my grandfather would take me flying in a plane he designed and built.  I've been in stunt planes, even a B17.

One of my favorite flights is taking an airliner out of John Wayne Airport in Newport, CA.  The end of the takeoff area is right at the coast, right where a bunch of people with more money than they know what to do with built their homes.  Because of those homes they managed to get a noise ordinance passed.  So you have to take planes right over where you can't make any noise.

So here is what happens.  The plane sits on the end of the runway waiting to take off. Then the pilot comes on the speaker and says "attention passengers due to noise abeyance laws.  in other words you can't make noise over the homes that at are the end of runway out by the sea. possible before we lift off.  We will then climb at a steep rate until we reach an altitude of {something I don't remember} at which point we will then cut back the engines and float out over the ocean, before we kick the engines in.  So sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.".  At which point there is a 10 second countdown before you feel like you were just shot out of a cannon.

You take off in a steep climb, head out over the ocean, the pilot cuts the engines and you float, well as much as a big can of tin can float, over the ocean.  Once you are out at sea and you can see Jaws waiting for you to hit the water, the pilot hits the engines and you climb again.

It was the best airline takeoff I've ever been on. I wanted to land and do it again, on the other hand, Brenda's nails are still embedded in my arm, she's not the best flier in the world Today's ride was just as exciting, but in a different way.

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