This 5 pound bag of chocolates greeted me in the studio this morning.

Yes, chocolate speaks.   In a gruff, seductive, "cocoa infused," lower octave it said:  "Good morning gorgeous. We've been waiting for you."

This huge bag has already been opened and about 2 pounds of the delicious little temptations have already been consumed.  There's no name or note on the bag.  I have no idea who left them in the studio, although my hunch is it was Joe E.

Was this a gift?

Is this a "Biggest Loser" challenge that has been set up to test my will power?

Do I give in and live by "dog-rules" and do the finders keepers and pick out my favorites and enjoy them?

Or should I resist the little temptations and put the bag away somewhere safe and send out an all staff email informing everyone that I found an endangered bag of chocolate in the studio?

What would you do?