I know, I know....I'm so pathetically in love with our new puppy it's silly!  Her name is Stella and she's a Golden Retriever and probably the most mellow, wonderful dog we could have ever wished for! 

Now she's a puppy boot camp with Jim Clossen owner of Sit Means Sit Boise. These are her first couple of lessons. She's doing great considering she really just wanted to do what she thought was cool!

She is super smart and a rock star and we miss her terribly.  She's living with Jim for a couple weeks while she goes through her intense training.

Jim will be on the show this Friday for Ask An Expert Friday.  He's my most popular guest as you always have a million questions about your dog you like to ask.  If you can't call in, please leave a comment below and I'll make sure Jim answers your question on Friday.

Make it a healthy day!