It definitely got wild and woolly at the Meridian Lions Rodeo! Just as the Mutton Bustin' was about to start the sheep snuck through the fence panels and ran out into the parking lot.   But "Diamond Lil" saved the day!   With her rear in the air and her nose to the ground she darted and scrambled and rounded up all the sheep by herself and got them back in their pen in record time!

It was an honor and privilege to be invited to announce Sunday's pre-rodeo Mutton Bustin' event at the Meridian Lions Rodeo.   Dozens of volunteers work year round on this rodeo which has now become a PRCA event!   The rodeo will stay in Meridian but it will now be held in June each year beginning next summer.

Enjoy the pictures from the rodeo and congratulations again to Sunday's Mutton Bustin' Champion Becket Hammons!