Yesterday I posted about asking people to help "buck" hay.  I heard more excuses than all the political debates put together as to why people couldn't help. I did get people offer to help, but when it came down to it they were no shows because of something else.  It's amazing how many people had a root canal yesterday.

This is what I have to move, 210 bales of alfalfa hay.

I load about 24-28 bales on the truck, drive it 4 miles and unload and stack it. The whole time I did have my two wing men (poodles) with me.  They weren't much help stacking, but between them and the hay on the truck, we got a lot of looks.

Yesterday I got 72 bales done in 3 hours, with luck today I'll get another 72 and finish it off Thursday.

I did have a woman call and tell me about how when she was 8 months pregnant bucked hay and was put off at everyone bailing on bucking.  She did have a suggestion to get all the weight lifters at the gym - set up mirrors. Duh, why didn't I think of that.  If you set them up they will come. I can just picture a bunch of body builders posing with each bale of hay in the mirror as they load it.

Kevin Mee