According to science, taking a coffee nap will give us more energy and make us smarter. Mostly. I'm one of those people who can drink coffee and sleep afterwards and I thought I was weird. Turns out, it's all in your timing. You can do it, too - even at work. 


Scientists are recommending "coffee naps". They are 20-minute naps taken right after you drink coffee. Most people say they can't drink coffee and go to sleep. You actually can go to sleep if you do it right after you sip your cup of java. Caffeine takes a little while to reach your brain so if you can time your nap to happen before the energy hits, you've entered the perfect place.


There's scientific talk about adenosine and receptors and how this plays a crucial part in your brain function. Read it HERE.


I see "coffee" and "nap" and I'm all in. Details schmetails.