Many of you know our paint horse "Marty" died from an infection. We have no idea how he got it, neither does our vet Matt Woodington, it's just one of those heartbreaking things.  Horses can't look at you and say, "I'm not feeling well."

Angie from Memorial Pet Care retrieved Marty from the field and last week he came home.  I was and wasn't looking forward to Marty coming back, since it would mean he was really gone and I'm not ready to let go.  I know he's waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, but he's still not here.

I've lost some pets going through life, but this one was for some reason really hard on me. We went to see Jurassic Park and when one of the big dinosaurs was dying, the pain from Marty hit me again.  I know there's no way I could watch a horse getting hurt in a movie.

We promised all our animals that this is their forever home.  Too many times pets are seen as disposable, especially horses for some reason.  We made the decision to have them and with that is the promise to love, care and give them a forever home. Thanks to Angie and the Crew at "Memorial Pet Care, " it happened.

If you get the chance please like their Facebook Page.

Now I have to get something for these darn allergies.

Kevin Mee