Saturday, "M" and I mowed a couple acres of lawn.  Even though he is only 20 months, he loves to mow.  He climbs aboard the tractor and rides like a pro.  Brenda is always freaking as we play the launch game when we mow the grass mounds.

The grass mounds are about 4-5 feet tall, one of them has our flag pole, and there is only one way to mow them and that is to go over, not side to side, but crossing over.  So "M" and I came up with this game we call launch.  We get about 15 feet from the base of the mound, count down from 5 to 1 and then launch as fast as we can go.  He loves it and it mows the mound just fine.

After the mowing we had to change a wheel on the mower, so I took the tractor back to the barn and parked it.  While I was getting the wheel, "M" was inspecting the other parts of the tractor, like he was a master mechanic.  I got the wheel, was taking it apart when I noticed "M" wasn't right next to me.  He had found the small mud puddle that formed when we hosed down the tractor.

I didn't have the heart to drag him away, he was having the day of his life - right until I took him in and handed him to his mom.  He screamed all the way to the shower, even though he was wet and muddy, there was still exploring to do. I did manage to get some pictures of him in 20 month old heaven though.

Hate to break this news to his mom, but there are more days like this and with winter coming, we can only hope for a couple days where we have to put the blade on the tractor and clear the road.

Kevin Mee