I think our self appointed relationship expert has earned himself a nickname!  Do you think this fits?

We start each week with "Missed Connections" and share lots of "I saw you - did you see me" types of ads from Craiglist.  Kevin is known for dispensing tough love and encouraging men to "grow a pair" and "step up to the plate" and ask for a date, phone number...something, anything instead of just pining away for the love they will never know on Craigslist.

Here's the nickname I've come up with for Kevin:

"Dr Cojones, M.B.S."  

Doctor Cojones is a Master of BS specializing in lonely hearts & missing pairs and is known for dispensing tough love.

I think Kevin likes his new "Monday Moniker" as he's already started to refer to himself as "Dr. Cojones."  However, this nickname is just taking a trial run so let me know if you have another idea for how I should refer to Kevin when he slips in his role of relationship expert each Monday.

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