Yesterday KTVB News Channel 7 sent their reporter Dean Johnson over to chat with me about the St. Luke's $10,000 Weight Loss Challenge This year I was invited to participate as a "Kept It Off" Challenger.  Not only did I manage to fend off gaining the weight I'd lost since getting involved with this challenge,  I was able to lose an additional 10 pounds of fat while gaining lean muscle.  It was an action packed interview!  Dean had me run back and forth on the greenbelt while he filmed  me and then I introduced him to dance fitness and the amazing women at Inner Diva in Meridian.


Watch for the segment on KTVB News Channel 7 over the next few days leading up to the Weight Loss Challenge  finale and FitOne event coming up Wednesday, June 3rd from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Village in Meridian.