How did the St. Louis Rams beat the Seattle Seahawks yesterday 28-26?

My son Kody was really preoccupied watching the Rams/Seahawks game yesterday, which surprised me because he usually only cares about a game if it involves Broncos both Denver and BSU.

Kody told me that the reason he was watching the game was that he'd heard about the positive tactics that the Rams coach had used to motivate his team.  He went on to tell me how rather than berate and belittle the team in an effort to rile them up the coach had instead chosen to focus on their strengths.   The coach had put together videos of the team's victories and greatest moments on the field and showed it to them and reminded them that within each of them is a champion and a winner.   The coach told them to envision winning and to focus on the positive things that each of them brings to the team.

I'm always telling my kids that they should focus on both their small and big victories rather than letting set backs and losses dictate how they play the "game of life."   So for both Kody and I it was fascinating to see this motto as a very tangible thing being played out on the football field by the team that was considered to be the underdogs.

So, I challenge you to think of yourself/kids/spouse/co-workers etc as champions and  winners.   Choose to smile and not mope and complain as you go about your business.  Try posting your successes on facebook and drop the bitterness and negative drama.  Do this for at least a week and you might just wind up feeling like you've scored the winning touch down.