I'm a science fiction geek.  The first science fiction movie I remember was "Forbidden Planet" which would give life to "Robbie the Robot", I was hooked.  From "The Nutty Professor" to "Star Wars", I love science fantasy.  So I thought I would drive my buddy Jeff nuts by putting the latest in science fiction trailers in one spot.  Well trailers and a look at the new Wonder Woman.

See Jeff can't let go of his analytical side.  He is a fun person, a very smart person, he knows computers and can do things that will take me three lifetimes to learn, but he can't set that aside and watch a science fiction movie.  He even admitted that the "Star Wars" trilogy bored him.  But I think I may have found a chink in his armor and that will be "Guardians of the Galaxy."  The show is a combination, action, humor and science fiction,  if it doesn't work, then there is no hope.

Here are 4 movie trailers, one peek at the new Wonder Woman and a new show on CW.

The only thing that drives me nuts about the Hobbit movies is, about every other scene someone is saying "Quick Run."

The Hobbit 3, The Battle of the Five Armies Begins

Brenda read the books, I didn't, basically I didn't want to spoil the movies.

‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Trailer from Comic-Con 2014: A World of Fire and BloodMad Max: Fury Road' Trailer from Comic-Con 2014 |

Linda Carter was hot, but not anywhere near this hot. Sorry no picture, you're going to have to go there yourself and it is safe for work.

First Look at the New Wonder Woman

Finally a CW show that has a basis in reality.  OK aside from "Arrow" and "Supernatural" you could take the CW lineup and have it on at 4:30 for the tweenie crowd.  Quit wasting prime time with so much adolescent estrogen and get the sound fixed, it can't be that hard.

New CW Show "The Flash" Extended Trailer

Finally what looks to be one of the best science movies ever.  It's a cross between Tomb Raider, Galaxy Quest and Star Wars.  I may even go to the midnight showing and come straight to work Friday.  For that matter if I do, I'm gonna drag Jeff with me.  I will take him to the dark side.

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Trailer

Kevin Mee