Two women got into a fight at work and took it to Facebook...

According to a news story out of Australia two female realtors both laid claim to the same sale and it caused quite a rift between the two. They stopped talking to each other and then the final straw was when one of them unfriended the other on Facebook.   The squabble resulted in both of them testifying in a Work Commission Hearing where it was ruled the woman who did the "unfriending" had behaved in an ‘unreasonable’ manner and showed a ‘lack of emotional maturity."   It was ruled that the "unfriending" was a form of workplace bullying.

I refer to it as "Facebook roulette" when I see someone ranting about their boss or a coworker online.   I feel bad for them because I know that we all need to vent now and again but I worry about their "freedom of speech" coming back to bite them if/when the boss see's what they typed.

Raising kids in this time of instant communication has been a challenge because while they argue that they have their "right to free speech" I've had to drill into them that with that "right" comes the "responsibility" of the resulting effects their words may incur - especially in their place of employment!

Have you ever had to deal with Facebook problems at work?