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My daughter Alicia LOVES Halloween and Comic Con type dress up events and has lots of costumes and crazy shoes.   We wear the same size shoes so when I spotted her 7 inch high Jessica Rabbit heels sitting out I couldn't resist trying them on and getting a "Shoes Day" picture.

Could I walk in Mizz Rabbit's shoes?  Heck no - I couldn't even stand in them!  In fact just getting them on was a challenge!  We laughed so hard because I had to crawl around since I couldn't even stand in those killer (literally) shoes.  I had to roll, scoot, crawl and then lay on the floor in the living room with my feet in the air so my daughter could snap the picture.

What made the scene even more hysterical was that 2 of our dogs (85 pound "Charlie" and 60 pound "Elway") were roughly pouncing & bouncing & biting and rolling on me and giving me smooches because they thought I'd come up with a new game.   Apparently the living room floor is their domain and once you are on it you have to play by their dog rules.

So, now that I've shown you my shoes - show me yours! Snap a picture of your shoes and post it on our 107.9 Lite FM facebook page. You could WIN a $50 gift card from Fleet Feet Sports now open in the Village in Meridian, an Ultimate Pedicure from ReJuv Medspa in Meridian and chocolates from Weiser Classic Candy!

Winner will be announced tomorrow morning at 7:30

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