Daisy, BooBoo and Taz are my little shadows, they love to follow me everywhere,  but since they are black and seem to absorb the heat, I have to keep a close eye on them.  When the temps get up around 100+  they don't always get to go outside with me because I don't want them over heating.  I also keep water bowls in a couple of different rooms in the house and outside so they don't get dehydrated.  I've also taught all my dogs and horses to drink off of a water hose.  This is important in case we are ever somewhere without a bowl or bucket, I want them to be comfortable just drinking from a garden hose.  I also won't walk my dogs on cement or asphalt if it's too hot for my own bare feet.  Dog paws get burned especially little pink puppy paws.  Most pet stores and larger stores like Walmart sell protective dog booties that might offend your dog's style sense at first (and you'll get a kick out of watching them learn to walk in them - take video!) but they do a great job protecting paw pads.

Also, don't leave your dogs in parked vehicles and keep in mind they can also get overheated in the bed of your truck which can get as hot as a frying pan.