We have dogs, well poodles, don't tell them I called them dogs. Four years ago we were able to be there for the birth of 7 Standard Poodle puppies.  The mom, Daisy was a rescue and we knew one day we would let her have a litter.  They came at a time when we really needed a distraction and they were perfect.


All seven survived, even though there were some close calls (Brenda is great at nursing babies through things).  We decided as much as possible to keep the family together.  We were responsible for them being here, so it was up to us to make their lives happy and healthy.   We adopted out three of them to people who not only love dogs but understand poodles. The other four are at the house until kids move and take their poodle with them.

We still have a pack at the house and have learned to be the alpha's so to speak.  One of the things that happens with a pack is getting greeted when you return home.  The bigger the greeting, the higher you are honored. Before the puppies were born, Boomer wouldn't get any sort of greeting when he came in the door from Daisy or Lucky.  It used to really hurt his feelings, so I would give him a greeting. That all changed as the puppies got older and got to interact with Boomer.

Now Boomer is the bomb.  He is the leader of the pack, while mom and dad have their places, Uncle Boomer, as we call him gets beat back into the pack when ever he leaves.  He also is the gang leader when it comes to chores, even though the puppies as we call them are four now, they still look to Boomer to lead them and Boomer looks to me.

A dog will wait all day for you to return home, with that in mind, I now look forward to the greeting I get.Yes I've taught him for the most part not to jump up on me, but I have to take time to love him up and for that matter love all of them up. It only takes a couple of minutes and for them it's an honor thing. So don't take that greeting lightly, it means the world to them and your response can either make their day or hurt them to the core.

No matter what kind of day I've had, they always make me feel loved.

Kevin Mee