I can't even remember how many parking tickets I got while in college in San Francisco. They're such a nightmare!! If hate parking tickets as much as I do, now there's a way to fight it without setting foot in a courthouse!!

Credit: Getty images / Andreas Rentz

An article from Yahoo Autos, explains just how the Fixed app works. You take a picture of that ugly little piece of paper and choose your reason for fighting the ticket (unclear road signs, curb paint faded, etc.) It will then pair you with an attorney AND calculate your odds of winning! If you do win you'll only pay 25% of the ticket; the good news, though, is that money you pay doesn't go to the city....it goes to Fixed! You can pay it forward and save money!

Because the app is still in beta, you have to go to getfixed.me and sign-up for their waiting list....the reviews have been great so there's no doubt this app will make its way to every smartphone in the country!