This is pretty gross and could make you sick...


Do you lick the handle of your grocery cart when you go shopping?   Maybe you do and never realized it!

If you don't use the free sanitizer wipes the stores offer to wipe off the handle of your grocery cart you could be infecting yourself with all kinds of nasty germs!  How?  Well you are swapping germs with every other person who's touched that cart before you if  you use your hands to eat that free sample of bacon wrapped something or other or rip open a bag of chips or cookies to tide your over for the ride home.  (For the record:  I like to believe that the calories from the store to the time I pull into the garage don't really count because didn't I just walk all over the store and now I have to lug everything in and put it away?!)

I've watched people in stores grab the free santizer wipes,  rub 'em on their hands, toss 'em in the trash, then grab a grocery cart and go about their business.   If you do that - stop!   Those are meant for you to wipe down the handle of the grocery cart to help cleanse it of all the culprits that could make you sick.   If you didn't know about the free wipes...well now that you do. I hope using this new knowledge will help keep you healthy.

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