I got tired of hearing all the pointless controversy about Christmas coffee cups so I made my own.  But now that the fury is starting to die down about Starbucks plain red paper cups the focus has shifted to Target and this sweater:


I've seen comments that this sweater trivializes mental illness and then I've also read statements from people who have OCD saying they LOVE it!

As a society, have we become oversensitive and too quick to take offense?  As of this morning Target is not pulling the sweater from their stores and now with all this publicity it will probably be their top selling item!  I predict that after these sweaters priced at $22.40 have been cleared off the racks at Target, you'll find 'em selling out on ebay for 200 bucks or more each.  (Hmmmm....maybe I need to swing by Target today...could be a way to make a little Christmas cash.... )

Maybe the Target sweater will get the dialog started about mental health issues and depression around the holidays. So, ironically that homely little sweater might actually do some good.

Either way I'm not offended by cups or shirts or sweater slogans, but I do find it interesting to see what gets some people over twitterpated.   If I don't like something I don't buy it (or I just make my own) and I would rather use my time thinking about more worthwhile things like our upcoming Christmas Wish project.   There are some families right here in the Treasure Valley that can't afford a fancy coffee or a quirky sweater.   In fact, they are just hoping they will be able to keep their houses warm and their kids fed this winter.  My hope is that with our communities help we'll be able to bring them some relief and hope and a little holiday cheer this year.

For more information about Christmas Wish just click here