This weekend was my cousin's wedding.  My son and I flew over to Seattle for the wedding Saturday night and then back home to Boise last night.

We did some clothes shopping last week since I needed some clothes that would fit my new smaller body (thanks Idaho Fat Loss) and my son's larger one (he's been on a growth spurt).  While we were shopping, he decided that he wanted a shirt and tie like mine.  I actually suggested a few other options, but he really wanted to do it, so I thought it was all good.

We got matching slacks, shirts, and nearly identical ties (as close as I could).  He loved it.  I thought it was pretty cool too, but it was met with either "that's so cute" or "wow, that's kind of strange."  Did I mess up?  Was this obnoxious to do?  One friend told me "it's a bit of a ego play to make your kid look like you."

So I would like to know what you think?  Did I make a bad move?  Is it acceptable?  We both enjoyed it.