If there are two things that go well together it's Pinterest and Friends. When you add in pajamas and food it's a massive win. For three years, I've hosted a Pinterest party at my house with a goal of getting the girls together and creating one gift or decor item for the holidays. 

For three years, we haven't completed one project. I have high hopes for this year. I get the girls together and have a theme for the party. Last year's theme (pictured) was "Cozy". You had to come in pajamas and we made candle warmer tarts. It was so much fun to act like a kid. We created a taco bar and chatted and laughed all the way through the meal and then completely failed our way through creating our craft. We always screw something up but somehow it works out okay. The memories are what makes it all so very worth it.

Hosting a Pinterest Party is my annual holiday tradition. There's actually a guide on how to host one via organized chaos online.

What's your holiday tradition?